How Covid-19 sparked an electric scooter revolution

Electric scooters have been on the scene for quite some time now however in Ireland they have yet to be made road legal. One thing that did come out of all of these covid restrictions and lockdowns was that people were doing their best to stay off of public transport and away from buses, trains or any other enclosed places where they are more likely to pick up the virus.

This has led to a huge surge in the sales of electric scooters. The main electric scooter on the market now is the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter. Not only is this the most popular scooter today but it is the best in its price range. There are of course many knock offs that look similar but do not have the same quality of battery, warranty and are generally just not as safe the original Xiaomi scooters.

By using an electric scooter people are able to commute more safety in terms of talking about the corona virus. It means people can commute to work without worrying about being on a packed bus or train and this generally causes anxiety. With the Xiaomi 1S scooter having a distance of 30kms it plenty for most people to get to work and back on a full charge. There is also the Xiaomi Pro2 which is the upgraded model and that has a superior range of 45kms on a full charge..that is quite a distance indeed.

VICI Patinete El├ęctrico City Commuter | Net World Sports

So if you are looking for a way to commute to work and want to avoid being in crowds then this could be a great option for you too. Electric scooters are set to be made road worthy at some stage this summer in Ireland so now there is really no barrier to entry to start your scooting adventure!