Top 3 things to bring when traveling as an athele – top tip – massage gun is one of them!

travel massage gun

With international travel slowly coming back to most parts of the world apart from the Australia and NZ people are starting to get excited about traveling again. The EU were the first to reopen the borders and they did a good job of trying to keep things open as much as possible during the pandemic. The USA has now announced that it will be open from November to fully vaccinated people so that is also another big plus and will surely pick up a lot of interest.

So now that traveling again is back on the menu here are the top 3 things that we recommend you bring traveling for your 2022 trip.

  1. Mini massage gun – OK this might seem like an odd one but as you get older you will appreciate having such a device on your trip! A massage gun uses percussion to work out the knots in your muscles that you can get whilst carrying heavy travel bags around with you during your trip. Usually these come with multiple heads for different body types. I brought one on my trip in 2020 and used it daily as part of my recovery trip from a year of working out and work stress. I got mine from the massage gun Ireland official store.
  2. Yetti flask – this is also a must! The yetti flask is perfect for keeping your tea/coffee warm and you will save a fortune on when traveling as you can make these in your hotel.
  3. Travel pillow – again a must and speaks for itself! Every backpacker must have a good travel pillow for the plane, bus, train etc!

Comment below on what you think your top 3 things are to bring backpacking…we would love to hear about them!